2012 – 2013 Masters of the Universe Fanarts

It was like meeting childhood friends. I was struggling to finish my comic book and realized that no matter how hard I could try to focus on one thing, I will fail and need to procrastinate a bit, a lot. So, in order to do this without killing my schedule – which was at a zombie state considering how many times it died – I didn’t think much and started drawing the most childish thing I could. It was Beastman from the Masters of the Universe toyline. BIG MISTAKE. I couldn’t stop.

What happened on my tablet in year 2013.

Working for a fantastic company as SIXMOREVODKA is challenging and exciting almost everyday! It’s a job I was dreaming to do for quite a lifetime, but I still need to draw just for the sake of drawing with no other pressure than my own will. And I like to share my stuff, so here’s what I did last year on my spare time.

Captain Mexico

Been SO busy working since October 2011 month til now, that I felt the need to manage some time to create things for nothing.

So I’ve made a short cartoon.

The concept started as Captain Unfair, but for some reason I decided to rename it Captain Mexico. There is really nothing special behind the concept but my need for drawing freely on the themes I like, which are: 70s, Rock, Super Heroes, Lucha Libre and Girls. Take it as a tribute to 70s-80s television.

Here are some concept arts I also did on the same theme:

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